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As part of a bigger social impact strategy associated with the release of feature documentary Geeta, we want to ask Australian’s (and the world) to ‘wake up’ to gender-based violence against women and girls.


 About The Wake Up Campaign


The Wake Up Campaign is ambitious. Which is why we need your support to use our film to mobilise, communicate and challenge injustices stemming from gender bias and gender violence. 


Our aim is to raise awareness of Geeta and Neetu's story and the film to highlight the harmful effects of gender bias on women, girls and families across the world, as well as acid violence globally.



The Wake Up Campaign will drive change by:


  • Advocating for prevention of acid violence globally

  • Building an active global network of young people and community leaders passionate about championing change.

  • Creating educational resources (in multiple languages) that can be used alongside school and community screenings of 'Geeta' across the world.

  • Working  with partners to lobby for training for police and the judiciary in Australia to improve culturally appropriate legal responses for migrant and refugee women and children in Australia

  • Collaborating on campaigns that challenge, provoke and reinforce positive messaging around the benefits of gender equality


Preventing Acid attacks:

There are a few key steps that need to be taken to prevent acid violence globally. Firstly there needs to be more education and awareness about the problem. This means teaching people about the long-term effects of acid attacks and the trauma caused. It Also means challenging the attitudes that lead to acid violence in the first place, such as gender inequality and lack of respect for women and girls. Secondly there also needs to be stricter laws against acid violence, higher conviction rates and more support for survivors.

The sharing of Geeta and Neetu's story and the Wake up campaign is designed to address these key step towards prevention.

We look forward to you being part of the movement to create grassroots change to stamp out gender violence.


There are four simple and effective actions you can take immediately:



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" For as long as we live in denial of gender bias, no change is possible"

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