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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Montreal Feminist Film Festival Festival de films fministes de Montra

'GEETA' is a vibrant, raw and honest film about a mother's heartfelt attempt to change her daughter's destiny after a brutal acid attack.



Geeta Mahor was asleep with her three young daughters when her husband, Inderjeet, crept into their room and maliciously threw acid on them. Geeta was badly injured, three-year-old Neetu ended up severely scarred and almost completely blind, and baby Krishna tragically passed away. And the reason Inderjeet gave for the attack was because he was only getting girls, girls, girls.


Fast-forward 28 years and Geeta and her daughter Neetu live their lives in the urban slums of Agra with gusto, hope and an uncompromising determination to create lasting societal change.


Set against breathtaking Agra landscapes; unpopulated parts of the Yamuna river, and above all the pace and texture of ordinary life in Agra, “Geeta” lets the characters lead us into a complex, contradictory and vulnerable story that opens up more questions than it offers answers. And the biggest and most sobering question is one we have from the very beginning: how does the continued presence of Inderjeet in Geeta and Neetu’s lives square with the independence and agency Geeta and Neetu are seeking as members of activist movement Stop Acid Attacks and in their role as founding members of the revolutionary SHEROES Hangout cafe?


Ultimately ‘Geeta’ is a story about overcoming violence, the enduring power of love, building dreams and the everyday heroism that creates grassroots change.

Geeta was financed with support from Film Victoria, Screen Australia, The Post Lounge, Scout Film Finance and Some Kind of Squirrel Productions, alongside private investment.

Directed by

Emma Macey-Storch


Geeta Mahor

Neetu Mahor

Inderjeet Mahor


Produced by

Emma Macey-Storch

Adam Farrington-Williams

Stuart Scowcroft

Co-Produced by

Nayana Bhandari

Dipanjali Rao

Alexandra Curtis

Executive Producers

Geoffrey Smith

Clement Dunn

Tony Nagle

Nelson Khoury

Silva Bernhard

Jane Gray


Rudi Siira

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1.5 billion women & girls will experience some form of gender-based violence in their lifetime

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